In a city that never sleeps, every window is portal

2984’s music is a journey inward, inside the artist’s mind and the sprawling metropolis that extends on and on there.

Retro synths and eerie samples, straight forward beats and cloudy moods, 2984 excels as much in developing oppressive ambient electro as wrapping the listener up in a tidy comfy blanket. Whether it be synthwave, lo-fi or vaporwave, embark right now for a diverse and cohesive musical world.

In her double single « Smash the Cist-tem« , 2984 gives us a fresh take of her talent and sets the mood for a very confrontational take on the state of oppression marginalized people find themselves in today. An EBM and Metal manifest for trans queeblings and for all who suffer under the boot of the powers that be.

Listen to this double banger right now on our Bandcamp page and grab it for 3€ or more.

The First Mixtape cover art2984’s « God is enby » is yet another EBM banger, powerful and aggressive, something worth dancing over while you are marching down the streets to defens trans rights.

Listen to this amazing song right now on our Bandcamp page and grab the 1st Mixtape for 7€ or more.


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