Logo The Mixtape Records 2023

The Mixtape Records is an indie music label dedicated to Queer artists. Composers, DJ, singers… talents drawn from the best the LGBTQIA+ spectrum has to offer. Electronic or orchestral music, instrumental and vocal, light or dark, The Mixtape breaks free of genres to offer a boundless sound experience. This music is for everyone, Queer or not, just press play.

On the website, you will find some truly amazing people, artists that pour their soul into their music. We want to bring to you their art and shout to whomever will listen what a brilliant experience it is to listen to them We put some extra care in our music and work with people we trust to bring to the table not just sound quality, but a real identity and unity. Because independent doesn’t have to rhyme to cheap, each artist has their own flavor and we trust you will find them to your liking.

Read all there is to know about our philosophy as a label in our Manifest.

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