Ghost Creativ is a crafty maker of homemade sewing, jewellery and many other wondrous pieces of art. Their various talent include :

  • Secondhand and brand new textile : clothing, bags and pouches and other household objects…
  • DIY jewellery creations : earrings, charms
  • Traditional art : linocut and watercolor
  • Custom made creations

Take the time to enter Ghost Creativ haunted lair and discover their authentic and activist way of creating unique pieces of art and craft. Choosing among many samples of fabric, designs, metals and bits and pieces, they will make something special and memorable for you to wear or use.

They also show a taste for recycling, and using found pieces of fabric, visiting flea markets and curious locations for inspiration.

Thay have been a fierce friend of the label since day one and we really want you to support their business !