The heartfelt whisper of an owl’s flight

Daithe is first an foremost an illustrator and a watercolor painter. Their art is a joyful dance of colours and organic shapes. We strongly recommend you check out their work online. They actually designed the cover art for the 1st Mixtape 

But Daithe is also a beautiful voice, that can shake your core with its strength as well as touch your heart with softness and grace. They have collaborated with Zenibuka on several songs now, for the 1st Mixtape, for « Warriors« , a birthday gift song for Mara from C’est Toi La Radio, and for the feminist charity event Furax.

They collaborated with Zenibuka in this album made in support of Furax, an event centered on fighting sexism, and all forms of harrasment and abuse against marginalized communities. The cover art was beautifully made by UriellActaea

The album was available only during the charity event and will eventually be made available again.


Daithe and Zenibuka initially made this cover to celebrate a friend’s birthday, Mara Vega, the voice and talent behind C’est Toi La Radio. The original song by AJ Michalak, taken straight out of the beloved animated series She-Ra, is in a pretty different mood, and we decided to give it an orchestral rock vibe.

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The First Mixtape cover art

On the label’s 1st Mixtape, Daithe starts off with an intimate and nostalgic song, taking root in 90’s trip hop. « Halfway » was written especially for them by Zenibuka.

Listen to these songs right now on our Bandcamp page and grab the album for 7€ or more.


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