Experiments and experience : the inner electronic maze

Non binary composer and producer, founder of our label, they are dabbling in various genres, from orchestral to 90’s influenced electro, with a taste for soundtracks.

Previously know under the name Thou, Ill Mace Horn ! Zenibuka is self-learned and is honing their art with every new release. They worked closely with Pretty French Games and made the soundtracks of several videogames : A Leaf In Space, Pale Night and Cosmos Survivors.

Photo of Zenibuka, The Mixtape Records Artist. Photo by JB Boucher

The First Mixtape cover artIn the label’s 1st Mixtape, Zenibuka explores 3 very different genres. « Lie Awake » is a love letter to 2000’s electro house and way too many hours listening to Deadmau5. « Halfway » was written especially for Daithe as an intimate and nostalgic song, taking root in 90’s trip hop. « Suffer Mercury » is an attempt at making black metal you can actually dance to, it was originally a birthday present for Cinabr.

Listen to these songs right now on our Bandcamp page and grab the album for 7€ or more.

La Woke Hysterie album cover artIn this soundtrack for Twitch’s most Queer Talk Show, “la Woke Hystérie”, Zenibuka digs deeper into their 90’s roots.
Drums samples, vintage keyboards and a hint of chiptune, this soundtrack is a jolly trip down memory lane…

Listen to this double single right now on our Bandcamp page and pay what you want for it.


Zenibuka is currently working on several releases :

  • « The Guest », 3rd volume of a collection of videogame-inspired songs, for which Melissa Houpert will be commissioned for a beautiful cover art
  • « Tavern Tales », a roleplaying companion offering music for various atmosphere, from epic battles to heartbreaking drama, the cover art was made by Tempête Digitale
  • « Art to Tune », a collection of short tracks inspired by some of their favorite art


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