Dark surrealism

Dabbling with Renoise and Chiptune trackers, they’re also exploring IDM and Glitch horizons.

Supporting speedrun event 2 Fast 2 Fab by Fast & Fabulous, a french collective exclusively for women and non-binary people.
The label, associated with musicians collective Résonances, made this album in a brand new discipline for several members, videogame-inspired music.

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Cinabr participated in this album made in support of Furax, an event centered on fighting sexism, and all forms of harrasment and abuse against marginalized communities. This album was made in collaboration with musicians collective Résonances.
The cover art was beautifully made by UriellActaea

The album was available only during the charity event and will eventually be made available again.

Cinabr release in february 2024 « XIII », 12 tracks of electronicia, ambient, drum & bass and IDM. The album is a strange journey through electronic experiments and a delicate process. « It was composed between May and October 2023 , during that period my sleep cycle was a mess i used to compose all night, sleeping a little bit during the day making strange and intense dreams, i was obsessed about making the best music i could ».

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The First Mixtape cover artCinabr participated to the label’s 1st Mixtape and submitted two entries, very different from their usual dungeon synth. « Abstract Thoughts » and « Gr0c3v0 » pave the way for a new way for Cinabr to make music. With these experimental IDM tracks, they are testing new tools and adding randomness to the mix.

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