[CORE] The Mixtape Manifest


More than a label, the Mixtape Records is the expression of a need to build a safe place for queer artists to express their music, find resources and support and hopefully earn some well deserved money.

The Mixtape is an independent music label which at its core aims to feature queer artists : musicians, singers, composers, producers…


Founded in November 2022, today the Board’s label includes :

  • Charlie (Founder, composer, producer and graphic designer)
  • Laura (bookseller, relationship manager, singer)
  • Aude (Illustrator, webmaster)

And an artist line-up which keeps on growing : 


When other labels seek their identity in a music genre, a global aesthetic, if anything, The Mixtape is a messenger of tolerance and inclusiveness. Queer communities are marginalized, constantly threatened and socially, culturally silenced, even if those so-called “anti-woke activists” who see us as deviant perverts don’t want to acknowledge it. 

This label made one promise to their joining artists, that they can freely express themselves in an alternate place, to support them in their artistic process and to ensure they have access to music production tools (mixing, mastering, graphic design, communication, guidance…)

Thereby The Mixtape offers to a limitless audience the opportunity to listen to sometimes fully committed, some other simply inspired, but always quality Queer music in various genre and non-genre : Synthwave, Vaporwave, cinematic and orchestral music, lo-fi, text songs, Dungeon Synth, Electronica, IDM, EBM…

Inside the label, there isn’t any obligation to engage in political activism, but artists who want to go down that heavily rocky path will receive unconditional support from the label.


A first single was released in January 2023, the original soundtrack for the most Queer talk-show on Twitch “La Woke Hystérie”, composed by Zenibuka, the label’s founder. These two titles find their roots in 90’s electro to transport us into a nuanced & pending atmosphere.

In March 2023 was released a single by 2984 “Smash the Cis-tem”, two titles with both EBM and Synthwave flavors, heavily confrontational, engaged and enraged. 2984 addresses precarity and marginalization with this raw piece of art.

Hache is currently working on their/his first album for the label which will be halfway between electro and text songs. They/He even found time between two compositions to create our label’s logo !

Cinabr on their side is making an experimental electro music album, after a period discovering new tools and working environment. 

The first label compilation saw the light in June 2023 with still unheard tunes from previously quoted artists. Its objective is to get the label and our artists known to the world and to seek financial support from various organizations.

The label’s Twitch channel gives us a platform to host live events like listening parties, talks about Queer themes, live composition sessions and, in the medium term, live music.

Beyond its music production, the label vows to showcase Queer artists of all backgrounds, be they illustrators, writers or creators. This support includes commissions, highlights on social networks and our website, podcasts and meetings.


Find us on BandcampInstagram, TwitterMastodon and YouTube

Download french version of the Manifest here