[NEWS] The Mixtape Records – a new label is born


Welcome to the Mixtape Records and its blog! This first entry invites you in the backstage of the Mixtape Records foundation and how it all began.

Logo The Mixtape Records

The origins - loud and queer!

On a day of early November 2022, Zenibuka, talented enby composer, casually asked their friends « What if I founded a queer music label? » and two weeks later, The Mixtape Records were born.

The Mixtape Records, also called The Mixtape, is an indie music label created in order to put forward queer artists (musicians, composers, producer, singers…) in a safe and positive environment for all its members. Every choice the Mixtape makes is done by consulting its members in an absolute transparent way. The goal of this label is to promote and share the work of talented queer artists and put them under the spotlight.

The label was introduced for the public the first time live during Zenibuka’s interview (in french) by C’est toi la Radio on November 29, 2022. Ever since and before that, the Mixtape keeps on growing, welcoming new talents, and promoting artists, queerblings and allies. The artists of the label can be found on the Artists list of the website, and recommended fellow artists from other fields (visual design, illustration, crafts…) are introduced in the Friends section.

Blog introduction

Welcome to the Mixtape’s blog! This blog will be a shared place amongst artists from the label and friends to discuss of their own art, recommend media (books, music, movies…), share information about the Mixtape, its values, and anything creative, really. This will also be the place to share the news about the label, recent communication and press release, out next events… and give a glimpse of the life at the Mixtape.

In the name of everyone at The Mixtape Records, we hope you will enjoy your time reading us as much as we enjoy sharing our passion and art.